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Attic Contractors in San Mateo, CA

Attic Contractors in San Mateo, CA

Insulation and Rodent Proofing Services in San Mateo, CA

Attic insulation, crawl space insulation, air ducts, and rodent prevention systems like rat traps and sealants are tedious to cope with DIY methods. Poorly maintained attic and crawl spaces in San Mateo give advantages to these dexterous and little creatures like rats, raccoons, mice, and squirrels to slither into the warm spaces through openings and sewerage pipes. If you are facing any of these issues it's time to stop worrying. Call us today at 650-409-9264.

Our highly trained team of San Mateo, CA Attic Contractors will not only provide the best services but also gives a 5-year guarantee for rodent removal and prevention. On the off chance, if you have rodents within 5 years, our team will evacuate them and set up another layer for free.

Attic Contractors of San Mateo are prepared to tidy up each nook and cranny of your home, to close even the most minor gaps that rodents could get into. We guarantee that rodents are kept out forever once our work is done. Our rodent removal team takes extra prudent steps by blocking and fixing all the entry points for mice, rodents, and rats that can be far increasingly risky.
Our team has expertise in installing and replacing air ducts, vapor barriers, insulation, and more. Our job is to provide the best quality by keeping rodents
from getting into your home, tidying up hazardous rat droppings, and rat killing.
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All of our attic contractors are licensed.

All of our attic contractors are background checked.

All of our electricians are trained in customer service.

Here is a brief list of some of our services:

-Air duct replacement
-Air duct repair
-Air duct installation
-Crawl space insulation replacement
-Crawl space insulation removal
-Crawl space insulation installation
-Attic fan insulation

-Rodent proofing
-Rat prevention
-Rat control

-Crawl space cleanup
-Crawl space sanitization and decontamination

-Vapor Barriers
-Batt Insulation and Roll Insulation

-Attic insulation replacement
-Attic insulation installation
-Attic insulation removal

-Foam board insulation
-Loose-fill insulation
-Spray foam insulation
-HVAC systems contracting


Our Services

Attic Services of San Mateo, CA - Attic Insulation
Attic Services of San Mateo, CA - Rodent Control and Prevention
Attic Services of San Mateo, CA - Air Duct Replacement

San Mateo, CA Attic Contractor is accessible for all your attic, crawl space insulation, and rodent removal needs. Our services incorporate thermal imaging, insulation replacement, rat, and possum extermination, air duct repair, vapor barrier, and more. Our company excels in providing top-notch work. We won't let you hold up in case of an emergency, our team will be there in a matter of seconds.

Our professional’s expertise includes being punctual, skilled, and to be communicative to make sure our customer is content. You don't need to stress over the wreckage our group will tidy up the workstation once the procedure is finished.

Our policy applies a five-year rodent-free warranty to our clients in San Mateo, CA. We claim 100% assurance that our work will keep going for years. If not, the damage will be repaired free of cost. Scroll down for a more in-depth list of our services, or visit any one of our dedicated services pages to find out more.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Attic Clean-up

Rodent Control and Prevention

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Crawl Space cleaning: Crawl space cleaners of San Mateo, CA are licensed to provide the best service of crawl space cleanup. We ensure that we thoroughly purify and sanitize the space, our service is available for any size of space. Infection and contaminations in crawl spaces can cause serious health issues and property damages. This causes San Mateo residents to keep on getting sick. On the other hand, rodents can leave your crawl spaces a mess with their bit up insulation or wiring.

We emphasize having space without any trace of rats and rodent droppings. Our crawl up space sanitization team is fully equipped to carry out this tedious task. Our services include removal of debris and rodent dropping, sealing and insulating the crawl space, crawl space decontamination, and disinfecting the crawl space with the family-friendly product. We give additional consideration to little subtleties, for instance, to fill any gaps to keep it from rodents, creepy crawlies, and water. If you decide to call us we are always ready to take on any project.

Attic Clean-up: Our attic cleaning service in San Mateo is designed to suit your needs. Attic cleaners in San Mateo, CA believe in high quality of work, therefore, we focus on analyzing and functionality of our process. Our attic sanitization members will disinfect your attic, expelling all hints of rodents, cleaning broken up wiring, air ducts, and protection.

We have all the right tools to evacuate contaminated and harmful insulation in the attic that has been filthy and sullied by rats, rodents. San Mateo decontaminators deal with all sizes of attics, across the Bay Area. Our team stress correspondence with our clients to have an open conversation to ensure they are happy with our service. Due to our high-quality work and decade of experience, we are considered one of the most trusted attic contractors in San Mateo, CA.


Rodent Control and Prevention: One of the most difficult problems our customers face is rodent control and prevention. Our rodent removal team in San Mateo, CA are licensed to perform this tiresome task. We are highly skilled in attic contracting and crawl space contracting to decrease the chance that rodents will infiltrate your home. Our rodent prevention team is trained to fix ventilation and insulation of crawl/attic spaces to diminish the impact that rodent droppings and carcasses can have on your wellbeing.

We offer rodent proofing and rat extermination in San Mateo, CA to forestall any damage and to prevent you and your home from continuous harm and damage. Our team of rodent control experts detects any openings in your crawl spaces and upper rooms that rodents may crush into or eat through. We may also set up rat traps to prevent such happenings in the future. Call us (650) 409-9264 for rodent removal and prevention service and to get five years warranty.


Thermal Imaging Inspection: Our licensed professionals use modern technology to inspect the issues in your home through the dividers, utilizing warm imaging gadgets to assess your dividers, attic, and crawl spaces. Thermal imaging is a great way to detect any moisture that would not be noticeable during a visual home inspection. Thermal imaging experts in San Mateo discover areas of extraordinary warmth that can cause issues in ducts, and can likewise get rid of rodents in your home. It also ensures if the insulation has been done properly or not. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

Attic Services in San Mateo - Crawl Space Cleaning
Attic Services in San Mateo - Crawl Space Insulation
Attic Services in San Mateo - Thermal Imaging Inspections

Attic Insulation Installation

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

Air Duct Contracting

Attic Insulation Installation: The significance of a properly insulated attic is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It also helps save energy. In that case, our attic insulation contractor is your go-to team. We provide hassle-free services which include attic insulation installer and replacement. It is also used for the construction of new homes.

Attic insulation installation is typically required for projects where past protection has been evacuated because of harm or droppings from a rodent or another rat, or to ensure there aren't any droppings inside or under the insulation. Our service in San Mateo includes sterilizing your attic for hard to reach the place and to get rid of hazards. We also offer filling up the previously loosely filled insulation, insulation batts, and insulation rolls. The attic contractors in San Mateo provides the services for foam board insulation up and down the house, as well as spray foam insulation and vapor barrier setup and installation.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation: Just like our attic insulation service, our crawl space insulation in San Mateo is also designed for your convenience. We take pride in providing high-quality work by replacing your old insulation and inserting all types of insulation: spray foam, vapor barriers, foam boards, rolls, loose-fill, batts, and most importantly vapor barriers.

Our crawl space insulation installers are rightly equipped to perform this tedious task. We are experts in dealing with all sizes of crawl spaces. We ensure by the end of our crawl space insulation service we get rid of harmful rodents and keep warmth in. Only the right amount of insulation keeps the house warm, our team uses the latest technology and methodology to remove and replace home insulation providing the benefits in San Mateo, CA. Call 650-409-9264 Today


Air Duct Contracting: Our air duct repair service in San Mateo, CA begins with a thorough inspection of the duct system which differentiates us from the other companies. Having clean air ducts may prevent you from harmful diseases that can be caused by rodent droppings, through pipes from around the house. It also helps ventilation throughout your home. We provide high-quality duct-cleaning services that don’t stop just with cleaning.

Our air duct contractors are just a call away, for an immediate air duct inspection. Call us today (650) 409-9264 for your free estimation.

Attic Services in San Mateo, CA - Crawl Space Cleaning
Attic Services in San Mateo, CA - Thermal Imaging Inspections
Attic Services in San Mateo, CA - Air Duct Replacement and Repair

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Our team will come and inspect the house to lay down all the strategies to have a rodent-free space. We will have an open discussion with you to provide immediate solutions in case of an emergency. With our 100% consumer satisfaction that all rodents will be kept out of homes for a long time. On the off chance that any issue happens later in, our team will be there to fix this issue quickly

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This company performed an excellent job, eliminating our roof rat invasion in an efficient manner. The price was not inexpensive, but the work was extensive and very thorough. They also provided guarantee.

-Swanton J.

They were professional, punctual and very accommodating to our schedule. Every crew member and supervisor was easy to work with and listened to our concerns and questions with the rodent problem our new home presented.

I wish all contractors were as easy to work with as these guys.

-Camille H.

These guys are AMAZING!! They really saved our health and our sanity! The owner really knows what he's talking about, is extremely thorough and seems very honest.

-Maria H.

I recently contacted different companies for rodent problem. And I went with San Mateo Insulation and wasn't disappointed. They gave us good pricing for quality work.

-Jimena C.

I noticed the temperature fluctuating as I go to different rooms in my house, I also was a little worried that maybe there was a hole somewhere in my roof. I checked it out but it turned out my insulation was in terrible condition moldy dusty and worn out. I was dreading another costly repair but a friend of mine recommended Issac and his team so I gave them a call. I was relieved that they were affordable and their service was excellent I didn't even deal with any mess or not so friendly workers in my house I am very satisfied with the service I got from San Mateo Insulation.

-Brian Y.